Do You Own Energy Efficient Appliances?

Energy efficient standards have drastically changed through out the years, and the change has been even more accelerated in the last few years. It’s very easy to overlook upgrading or replacing your appliances when they appear to be running fine and not causing you any issues. Well, although they might give the appearance that everything […]

Refrigerator Maintenance: Refrigerator Mistakes To Avoid

Although we have been buying and using refrigerators for decade, some of us still make grave mistakes that reduce the lifespan of these units significantly. As a result, most of the machines break down. Therefore, we have given a few tips in this article. They will help you avoid the common refrigerator maintenance mistakes. Don’t […]

Washing Machine Giving Off A Burning Smell and Producing Smoke!

If a customer called me up and described these symptoms to me about a broken washing machine, I would be racking my brains to figure out what the problem was. If there has been a problem with frozen pipes, it is possible that the pressure switch was also frozen. This is the switch the regulates […]