Common FAQs for Selecting the Best Clothes Dryer for Your Home

For many of us, doing laundry at home is a standard part of life. However, that doesn’t mean that we are totally knowledgeable about how to go about purchasing a new dryer in the event that the one we have needs to be replaced or upgraded. Just a stroll through the appliance section in your local home improvement store or department, reveals a wide range of styles, features and efficiency ratings that can be enough to send one running for a sales representative, in hopes of getting some simple answers.

Should you be in need of purchasing a new dryer Dryer Repair Los Angeles, chances are you have a laundry basket full of questions. Here are some of the more common questions, consumers ask:

What types of dryers are available? Clothes dryers are typically either gas or electric and range in width from 25 to 27 inches. Be sure that you have measured the space in which you plan to place your dryer, before going shopping!
What is the difference between a gas powered dryer and an electric one? A gas powered dryer is usually $20 to $50 more than an electric one, but it is cheaper to operate and typically dries the clothes faster. In addition, a gas dryer requires a special 120-volt outlet and a plumber will need to connect it to your gas line.
What is the range of cost in clothes dryers? Clothes dryers start at $250 for a basic not extras dryer to well over $500 for a dryer with an assortment of features like quicker cycles, electronic controls, no heat/fluff cycles, touch-up cycles, a range of temperature choices and others.
Are electronic controls better than dials or buttons? While the models with electronic controls look more streamline and modern, they are also more expensive to have repaired. In addition, because their touch pad is so sensitive, it is easy to think one has started a load of laundry when in reality the load was not ever begun.
What types of warranties are available? Standard warranties are a one year warranty on parts and labor, with limited warranties on assorted parts like the drum, motor or electronic controls.
How can you determine if a dryer is a good one? Check out the lint filter. The sturdier and wider the lint filter the better because it will catch more lint. You should also look at the quality of the knobs/buttons, the ease of loading, and the comfort of the door grip.
Regarding the dryer vent/lint collection- this is perhaps one of the most important considerations. Make sure that when your dryer is installed that you always clean out the lint tray either before or after every load. In addition, be sure that the venting is made of flexible metal and that you have the ductwork cleaned on a regular basis as this not only greatly reduces the risk of fire but also allows your clothing to dry quicker, saving you time and energy costs.

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