Cool Tips for Caring for and Maintaining Your Refrigerator

You just cannot buy a refrigerator, install it, and then forget about it. One of the most integral and indispensable electrical appliances in our homes, the refrigerator does not need to be pampered with tender loving care, but it doesn’t take too kindly to neglect either. A Vital Appliance A refrigerator care and maintenance routine is however, a hassle-free affair but when you regularly go about this routine, your appliance lasts long, keeps functioning at the optimal level, and saves you dollops or a decent amount of money in regards to your energy bills. So, here are some cool tips to care and maintain your refrigerator:

* Keep the condenser coils squeaky clean refrigerator repair pasadena. Situated on the outside and either at the back or the bottom of the refrigerator unit, the condenser coils often become dirty. Dirt may even clog them, thereby preventing them from functioning at their optimal levels. This makes the compressor work harder and leads to not only your energy bills spiking but also lessen the life span of the entire unit. Use a long-handled broom or a vacuum cleaner to clean these parts at least once every three months. If you own a pet, carry out this cleaning act once every month because flying hair from pets tend to jam the parts of condenser coils.

* Keep the temperature setting at the optimal level. If your refrigerator temperature is set too low, then your compressor has to work that much harder to keep food inside cool. You are thus not only over-burdening the compressor but also raking up the energy bills. The optimum temperature setting for your refrigerator is 37-degrees Fahrenheit. Check with a thermometer.

* Clean the drain hole and the drip pan regularly. There is probably nothing that can harm the works of an electrical appliance more than dust, dirt, and grime. If your particular refrigerator model gets rids of condensation through a drip pan and a drain hole, ensure that these parts are thoroughly clean so that condensation doesn’t build up inside the refrigerator. The drain hole is situated above the drip pan under the refrigerator unit. Check for food particles and mineral deposits in drain hole and scrub the drip pan with warm soapy at least once a month. Ensure that the pan is absolutely dry before you replace it.

* Check and clean the door gaskets. The gaskets of a refrigerator are situated on the refrigerator and the freezer doors along the seals. These seal the doors when the latter are shut so that cold air from inside does not escape. Over time, these gaskets may become dirt-clogged and loose and thus are unable to seal the doors. Gaskets may also develop cracks or tears. In either situation, cold air from inside escapes and in turn, makes the compressor work harder to maintain cool temperatures inside. To clean dirty gaskets, remove them once every three months and clean them with soapy water. After you have replaced them, test by sticking a piece of paper out of the door. If the door is properly sealed, you will not be able to remove the paper without tearing it.

* Keep the refrigerator level. This is probably one refrigerator maintenance tip in the owner’s manual that is oft-overlooked. If the unit is not standing on level ground, then the door won’t shut properly. This will lead to cold air escaping from inside.

A Professional Around the Corner

But sometimes, even when you have followed all the above-mentioned maintenance tips to a T, the refrigerator might still break down. This is just Murphy’s Law at work – if anything can go wrong, it will.

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