How Can a Home Appliance Repair Pro Help?

When your dryer stops drying your clothes efficiently, there are a number of possible culprits. Learn what might be the cause and how an appliances repair expert can help get your dryer back in business.

The clothes dryer is an indispensable tool in modern life. Gone are the days of hanging wet laundry up, waiting for it to dry, and then having to iron everything that you want to look smooth and presentable. Instead, you can just pop your wet clothes in the dryer and, 45 minutes later, you’re good to go! The only problem with this is, on occasion, that drying may not happen, or it may take significantly longer than it should. This type of malfunction is a problem that crops up with even the best dryers from time to time. Learn what might be causing this lack of drying and how an appliance repair service pro can help you get your dryer back on track.

If your dryer isn’t drying properly Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles, there may be something wrong with the vent. The dryer duct and vent is essential to the drying process, as they carry hot air and moisture to the outside after it’s been cycled through the interior of the dryer. Without the vent (or with an improperly working vent), that moisture hangs around a lot longer, meaning that your clothes may never get all the way dry! If you’re having drying troubles, you need to make sure the duct is connected properly and that there’s nothing blocking it, especially lint. If you know what you’re looking for and how to do it safely (i.e. without damaging the vent), this is a project you can tackle on your own if you are so inclined. However, if you’re not sure how to go about this type of maintenance, it doesn’t hurt to call in a dryer repair pro to check the vent, clean it out, and get everything back in working order.

If your vent and duct are clear but you’re still having dryer issues, the heating element may be to blame. This is a diagnosis that your dryer repair service pro will need to make. If part or all of the heating element is burned out, your dryer won’t heat properly, if at all. An appliance repairs expert will determine if the heating element is to blame for the issues with your dryer by testing the element. If it’s faulty, he or she will be able to replace it and get everything back on track.

If the dryer vent and heating element are both working properly, the problem may well have to do with your dryer’s internal ductwork. Just as any obstructions to the outside vent can cause heating problems, so too can obstructions in the dryer’s internal ducts. These obstructions are usually lint clogs and can cause major restrictions to the airflow in your dryer, making it almost impossible for your clothes to get dry in a timely fashion. If you remove the lint trap and can see a clog right there, you can attempt to get it out by hand or by using a vacuum. If this doesn’t work, though, you need to contact a pro for appliance repair services, as accessing the rest of the ductwork requires substantial disassembly of your dryer unit.

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